A new beginning

It is time to shake off the dust, look at what happened, and move on with life in the new normal. At this moment, it is necessary to observe what can be changed, in the strategies that worked. Revisit the strategies that went wrong and try to find some strategy that can still work, even with a different approach.

Above all, now it is time to get back to normal. Even though it is a new normal, in a much more technological world, there is still a market for those who adapt quickly. For those who lead changes and are always up to date, there will always be great opportunities.

Although many people have lost their old jobs, however stable they may seem. Even for those who are still employed, many old tasks are gone and everyone had to adapt to the new reality. The world is different, and the 4.0 revolution is here to stay. What will be the new revolution?

To change is a maxim that nature imposes on us: change or extinction. As Charles Darwin said: whoever survives is not the strongest, nor the most intelligent, but who adapts faster. Therefore, the biggest risk in the world is not adapting to changes.